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Topics: Crime, Prison, Penology Pages: 4 (771 words) Published: October 26, 2010
Institutional Security
and Violence

Curtis B. Sanders

Introduction to Correction

C. J. 130 -October 5 - 2010

Professor Nancy Alleyne

This is just an example of what the correctional officers go through on A daily basis their hands are tied, “The officers who observe and supervise inmates on a daily basis have no say at all. As a consequence, inmates No longer respect officers and only perceive them as the person who makes them obey rules and regulations.

Therefore, the lines have been drawn in the sand.
This may account for the 1,000 or more assaults on officers
“Furthermore, the inmate can appear to be the model
of propriety with a counselor who sees him once every
three months, but consistently be a major problem to the
“New York’s correctional officers are high-quality law enforcement professionals. There is no reason why we cannot entrust them with the responsibility to evaluate inmates. I strongly believe that returning to a system whereby correction officers file evaluations to the Parole Board will improve the officer–inmate relationship and Lead to a prison environment.

Source: Denny Fitzpatrick, Director of Labor Relations for the New York State Correctional Officers and Benevolence Association (NYSCOPBA), Webpage, 28 November 2000. .

Officers in maximum -security prisons now generally prefer total lockup; they...
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