Six Paths Analysis

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Six Paths Analysis
Review Chapter 3, “Reconstruct Market Boundaries," and, using Figure 3-5 on page 79 as a guide, construct a quick six paths analysis for your chosen company. Based on the readings of page 79 and analytical figure 3-5, I therefore have reconstructed my chosen company which is Wal-Mart the market boundaries. “Based on the BOS sequence Wal-Mart (branded as Wal-Mart since 2008) is clearly in a blue ocean: 1)The buyer utility is obvious, peddling the most popular and essential items from a dozen different stores into one location. Rather than spend an entire day shopping, a common customer can go directly to Wal-Mart and purchase if not all the items on their shopping list. 2)The price is one of Wal-Mart’s strongest suits, they have Chinese and may domestic producers leveraged to the point where they can offer unbeatable price value. 3)The cost is also a parameter t that they have down put with their mostly of supply chain management and overwhelming volume. 4)Adoption was seamless, Wal-Mart has become as American as baseball & apple pie – offering a wide variety of goods at very low price draws & retains customers easily. a. This entails identifying (either in graphical or tabular form) the current state of competition, vis-à-vis industry, strategic group, buyer group, scope of product or offering, functional-emotional orientation, and time. b. Then, use this analysis to inform your development of a strategy canvas, where you will begin to explore a reconstruction of market boundaries—looking to identify potential blue ocean spaces (see next step). Strategy Canvas Analysis

Review pages 25–28 in Chapter 2, "Analytical Tools and Frameworks," and review Chapter 4, "Focus on the Big Picture, Not the Numbers." Draft a complete strategy canvas for your real-world business that addresses the following: •Why/how have you chosen the factors that the industry competes on and invests in? •Why/how have you assessed the relative offering level...
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