Six Flags

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Every summer I go on adventures with my family and friends to have a fun time. Six Flags is my favorite place to, because it’s filled with fun and excitement. I get the season pass every summer to go when I want and as many times I want. The roller coasters, games, and food is what I like the most about Six Flags.

The first best thing I enjoy about Six Flags is their roller coasters. I remember the first time I went I was scared but thrilled to get on the rides. As I walked towards the black gates at the entrances, I knew I was going to have a good time. I could hear the rumble from the roller coasters and people screaming. Ever since that day I wanted to go everyday to get on all the rides, especially superman and the water rides I can still remember hearing the sound of the rides when I left the parking lot.

The second best thing I enjoy about Six Flags is their food. The first thing I always get is their leg or a funnel cake. I could smell all the food being cooked and served as I walked thru the food area. My mouth got watery with all the food as I waited in the long line to order mines. Then I spotted the frozen lemonade stand, it was really cold and tastes very sweet. It felt nice feeling the cold ice lemonade going down my throat especially with the hot temperature. They have many other different kinds of food such as nachos, burger, hot dogs, pizza, cotton candy, and hot dogs.

The third best thing I like about Six Flags is all their games. My favorite game is the shooting contest. I like playing that are against friends or family, I have always been competitive. My favorite games from Six Flags are the basketball 3 pointer shots and the pellet gun shooting to see who has the best aiming. Six Flags has a lot of games for kids and adults. All their games are fun and exciting, that’s why it’s my favorite theme park.

In conclusion, Six Flags has been a great adventure for me. It’s the best theme park that I have been to throughout my life. It’s a...
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