Six Essential Elements of Enforceable Contracts

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Six Essential Elements of Enforceable Contracts

Business Law I 311

Contracts are used in many different forms and for just as many different situations within our everyday lives. Some contracts are more involved than others and for some; contracts are an essential of their success. As we continue, we will take a look at different types of contracts with the main focus on enforceable contracts. With so many elements that are incorporated into any contract, the six essential elements of enforceable contracts will be the main focus of this writing. Having a clearer understanding of the essentials of life will help prepare us for life’s curves that may come our way.

Recently there was a contract that was entered into for some repairs to a vehicle. The verbal contract stated that the repair job would be completed within two days and with all essential repairs done to make the automobile operate at peak performance. With the contract entered into willingly by all parties, the automobile was left with the mechanic for the repairs set forth within the terms of the verbal contract. At the duration of the two days agreed upon between the customer and the mechanic, the said repairs were not completed and the condition that the automobile was stated to be in at that time was also not what was agreed upon. The inferior performance and disregard for the time constraints of the contract were unacceptable to the customer. After numerous visits to the mechanic’s shop and more time without the customer’s automobile, the repairs were complete, still far from the expectations of the customer. No compensation for the extra time or inferior work performance was offered by the mechanic. With an unsatisfied customer, satisfactions was demanded but never received. The customer feeling that no other course of action would bring the satisfaction that was being sought decided to contact the authorities for gratification. Were the inferior performance and the unwillingness to...
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