Six Characters in Search of an Author

Topics: Acting, Actor, Family Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: November 21, 2011
Six Characters In Search Of An Author

The main Emotions expressed in the scene were anger, irritability, joy, sadness, anxiety and jealousy. The character’s goal in the scene is to get The Manager to be their author and let them act out their drama on stage. The Manager’s goal is to have the Actors observe the Characters, then have the Actors act out the whole drama later. The scene is about a group of actors and their manager getting ready for the day’s rehearsal when they’re interrupted by six characters. The leader, The Father, tells the manager that they’re looking for an author. He explains that the author who created them didn’t finish their story, and so it left them unrealized characters who have not been fully brought to life. The Manager tries to make them leave but then becomes interested when they start describing their story. The Manager agrees to become their author and has them start to play the scene where The Father meets the Step-Daughter for the first time. Then he stops the scene and has the Actors attempt to mimic it, but the two characters protest that it’s unrealistic. So The Manager stops the Actors and lets them finish the scene. The manager changes the scene setting for the second scene and forces the characters to perform it in the garden of the Father’s home. The Mother approaches The Son to talk to him, but he won’t have it and tells her to leave. The Father enters the garden and sees the youngest daughter drowned in the fountain, rushes over to pull her out and it the process spots the Son with a revolver. The boy commits suicide. The Manager, sitting there watching the whole scene, cannot tell if this is still acting or if it’s reality. He gets so fed up with this that he calls for the end of the rehearsal. The minor and major them of this scene is that there can be a fine line between illusion and reality.
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