Six Characteristics of Mass Communication

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Characteristics of Mass Communication
1. Message produced in complex organizations
The first characteristic of Mass Communication is message produced in complex organization. It means that message produced and implemented throughout an orgaization. The process used for defined and produced the message depends on how large and how complex the organization is. In a larger organization, a planning session may provide valuable insights from your employees and will help to ensure widespread agreement with your messaging. For example, in the organization, the messages produced differently depends on each employers. Especially at a large organization, it’s okay if people don’t all “tell the story” in exactly the same way. This process produced the message differently in complex organizations.

2. Message fixed in some form with information and symbolic content (either in digital bits or commodity form) This second aspect simply means how a certain choice of font or cover can and should represent then whole media and how it is related to the content, which means event aspects as simple as the symbolic content can send a message. An example could be taken from a Runway Magazine. Runway always has thin and slender model on their cover, dressed in an expensive and very classy couture. The font choice might be interpreted as classy to some. The color chosen is always very expensive looking for example gold, red, black or any color with the right classy shade. The cover of this magazine always represent the article they are going to explore on that very issue for example Fall fashion, Winter couture, Pleaded skirts, etc. The same goes for internet sites. Let’s take the Wall Street Journal Online for example. When one opens a Wall Street Journal website, they will immediately know that this is a news site. The color choice which only consists of black, gray, and white and also the format that is of a newspaper, shows us that this is no entertainment site. As...
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