Siwes Industrial Training Report

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The students industrial work experience (SIWES) is a skill training program designed to expose and prepare students of higher institution for the working environment they are likely to meet after graduation. SIWES was established by industrial training fund (ITF) in 1973 to solve the problem of lack of adequate practical skills, in preparation for employment in industries by Nigeria graduates. The SIWES program runs in the Nigeria universities in conjunction with the industrial training fund unit, to promote practical in tertiary institution. The aim of the program is to bridge the gap existing between theoretical aspect of what is being taught in the lecture rooms and what is actually obtained in the field it is aimed at exposing students to challenges they are likely to come across upon their graduation from the universities and to adequately expose students to professional work methods. Participation in Industrial training is a well-known strategy. Classroom studies are integrated with learning through hands-on work experiences in a field related to the student’s academic major and career goal. It enhances an experiential learning process that not only promotes career preparation but also provides opportunities for learning, to develop skills necessary to become leaders in their chosen professions. Participation in SIWES has become a necessary pre-condition for the award of Diploma and Degree certification in specific discipline in most institutions of higher learning in the country, in accordance with the educational policy of government. OPERATORS OF THE SIWES PROGRAM: The industrial training fund (ITF), employers of labour, the higher institutions and some coordinating agencies like Nigeria university commission (NUC), (NCCE) and (NBTE) are the operators of this program. FUNDING: The Federal Government of Nigeria fund this program BENEFICIARIES: Undergraduate students of the following: Agriculture, Engineering Technology, Environmental, Science, Medical Science and pure and Applied Sciences DURATION: Four month for Polytechnics and Colleges of Education, and Six months for the Universities 1.1 OBJECTIVES OF SIWES

1.It provides an avenue for students to acquire industrial skills and experiences in their course of study. 2.It prepares students for the work situation they are likely meet after graduation. 3.It develops the skills and techniques directly applicable to their careers. 4.It makes the transit from universities to the labour market easier, and thus enhances students contact for later job placement. 5.It provides student with an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in real situation, thereby bridging the gap between world and the practical day to day environment. 6.It enlists and strengthens employers’ involvement in the entire educational process of preparing university graduates for the employment in the industry. 7.SIWES increases a student’s sense of responsibility.

8.It affords student the opportunity to develop attitudes conducive to effective interpersonal relationship 9.SIWES affords students the opportunity to acquire good work habits. 10. SIWES helps students integrate leadership development into experiential learning process.

1.2 HISTORY OF THE INSTITUTE (I, A, R & T) The institution of agriculture research and training (IAR & T) Obafemi Awolowo University is a multi commodity institute for research, services and training for agricultural development in Nigeria The pioneer school of agriculture in Nigeria was established on moor plantation in 1921.The establishment of the college of animal health and production technology, Ibadan followed in 1964.The three colleges and research divisions of the western region ministry of agriculture and natural resources became the institute of agriculture research and training, Ibadan in 1969.Following a charter signed...
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