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  • Published: September 24, 2014
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Data Interpretation
Questionnaire Results:
My group and I presented our questionnaire data in the form of three different bar graphs. The first bar chart was about the data we got from asking pedestrians weather them though ‘Tourism has a positive impact on the South Bank’. 97% of the pedestrians that we asked had agreed with this statement in which 64% has said they strongly agreed with this statement. However, only three per cent of the pedestrians asked were unsure. I think that the majority of people agreed with this statement as the impact of tourism can clearly be seen on the South Bank. As the South Bank is a honeypot site, it attracts a lot of people. On top of this, one of the many people surveyed were shopkeepers who agreed with the statement which shows tourism has a positive economic impact on the South Bank area. Our second bar chart presented data on what people liked the most about the five sites. Most of the people answered saying they liked the tourist attractions such as the London Eye in each area. Out of the people surveyed, 20% of them said they liked the culture and leisure facilities where as 20% of the people liked the safe environment and the fact that local shops were available to them. A small minority said that they liked the cleanliness and attractions as they are very safe which are there for tourism purposes. This contributes towards the economy and therefore it increases the number of tourists that visit every year. The final bar chart was based on what the people likes about the five different sites on the South Bank. 44% of the people we asked did not like the fact that the sites being too crowded. Other commented on how unpleasant/unsafe the environment was or how there were not enough local shops around. A very small number of people has thoughts about how the area was either noisy or had pests e.g. pigeons. In my opinion, I think that people thought that it was hard to travel to the South Bank due to traffic and a lot of...
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