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Topics: Childhood, Child, Chief executive officer Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: February 18, 2013
3rd February 2013

10 Tanjong Rhu Road
Dunman High School
Singapore 123456

Stop Child Labour Campaign
Concern Worldwide
52-55 Lower Camden Street
Dublin 2

Dear Sir/ Madam

Preferred Poster for Stop Child Labour Campaign

I understand that the Stop Child Labour Campaign is an international campaign which seeks to eliminate child labour through the provision of full-time eduction wants a poster to raise awareness about child labour and to convince the international community that it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the elimination of child labour. I have found poster 2 to be more effective in addressing the issue of child labour.

Poster 2 contains images of real children. In poster 2, there are 3 different pictures of child labourers. The largest picture in the poster is a photograph of a boy covered in dust and looking very tired. Another picture depicts a child carrying many heavy bricks on her head. There is also a picture of a young child crying. The photographs of real-life children give the poster an emotional appeal as people will sympathise with these children and take pity of them. These photographs also send the subliminal message that the problem of child labour is a very real one. On the other hand, the picture in poster 1 is that of a cartoon girl. This is very vague and does not directly show child labour. The cartoon image makes the issue seem more fictional and even trivial. The fact that the cartoon is of a girl implies that most child labourers are female and is sexist.

Poster 2’s slogan also shows the severity of the issue. The slogan reads “Save the Future, Stop Child Labour”. Our children are our future. If children are made to work at a young age and cannot get proper education, our future will be at stake. This slogans show the consequences that child labour brings and it’s negative impact on society. This spurs the international community to take action against child labour, or they...
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