Situational Leadership

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Intervention was deemed necessary at a local school pertaining to the initial class, which students were failing. The department head identified that the change in direction required new textbooks, altered assessments, and increased student participation to be successful. The department head first had to identify his/her situational leadership style to effectively implement changes to improving the class while gaining buy-in from faculty and students. The premise for change existed because of the failing scores. The flexibility of the department head was imperative in the success of the change; the skill levels and attitudes of the students and faculty were a consideration in deciding the best style the department head should adopt for this endeavor. Summary of Self-Assessments

Using Hershey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Style Summary/Self-Assessment, the department head scored the highest in S2 (selling/coaching area) with a seven, which corresponds to D2 followers. The S2 style has both a high task and high relationship focus. The department head’s second highest score was a four in the S3 (participating/facilitating) area, followed by a one in S4 (delegating/observing), and finally S1 (telling/directing) with a score of zero. The department head agree with the results of the assessment because the majority of his/her career had been with subordinates with lower skill levels that were willing and motivated to learn; the leader has less experience and involvement with a tenured, skilled staff. Applying Leadership Style

The department head’s leadership style was beneficial to many of the teachers and students because of the less directive approach. Because this was a new initiative, the teachers and students started at ground zero. The need for change had already been presented, which was for the students in the introductory class to be successful. Although some resistance was expected, the common goal was desirable. The department...
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