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Situational Factors

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  • October 2008
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As the global business growth, there are more multinational company facing complexity on their employment relations. One of the main reasons is because of the cross cultural issues between the company headquarters and the overseas branch which may lead to many others drawbacks. On this situation, the difference between the cultures may become chaotic and may devastate the whole investment and expansion. Therefore, it is very important to understand how the employment relations of the targeted country differ from the home country.

Subsequently, this report will conduct a deep research on United Kingdom employment relations systems as an example. Key situational factors of United Kingdom employment relations will be discussed. This report will focus on employment relations system in United Kingdom. Some of the Situational factors that affected United Kingdom employment relations system will be identified and analysed.

To begin with, this document will explain on the importance of understanding the situational factors on employment relations study. Secondly, the key situational factors for United Kingdom will be identified. Next, the short and long terms impacts of the situational factors that have been identified will be discussed. Finally, the uniqueness of the situational factors that have been identified will be examined, either they are unique to United Kingdom or they might be happening in other nation as well. Last but not least, conclusion for this report will be provided in order to summarize this document.

II.The Significance of Situational Factors

Firstly, before discussing the key situational factors, impacts and the uniqueness of the key situational factors, this report will explain why it is important to understand the significance of situational factors on employment relations field of study.

Employment relations emerge from Human Resources Management (HRM) and Industrial Relations (IR). In one of Johns (2007)...

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