Situational Analysis of Crystal Grocery Store and Propposal for Improvement

Topics: Management information system, Management, Information systems Pages: 7 (2340 words) Published: April 16, 2011
Overview of the Report
This report will firstly deal with the situational analysis of a chained group of grocery store named Crystal Grocery Store. How the regular business are carried out and to what extent internet and other technologies are used in the business will be analysed. Then the use of internet in business information management in any type of business in general will be analysed to come up with the internet based tactics to implement business information system in the company. The prospect of information management system in the business will be discussed, pointing out the advantage of using it to the businesses with supporting examples. Then, how different types of Information System can be used for advantage in the mentioned stored will be proposed. Introduction

In olden days when the business was not as competitive as it is now, the business used manual or single computer based ordering and stocking of the products with the lone computer in the name of technology. The sales and marketing of the product where all carried out with the help of computer with no efficient support to the computer. But now, with the dawn of technological and internet revolutionized era, the business process has been profoundly changed. The physical barriers of time and space is minimized while the access to information, goods and services has increased, giving competitive advantage to any kind of business. Internet has become the soul of business for management of various aspect of business efficiently and for maximum profit. Customers are the heart of any type of business whether big or small. Customers’ satisfaction is the most important in any business as it provides new opportunity for the business to thrive to new heights. With the use of internet in information system, not only business activities are strengthened and business cost are reduced, the satisfaction of customers is also monitored from different aspect to acquire new customers and retain old customers. Varieties of new ideas and business tactics are employed to gather and retain larger group of customers. The quality of the product being sold are monitored and kept up to date, the quantity of products and kept in stock so that customer may never have complain of its absence; new and innovative products and brought to business; all these are possible through efficient management of information system. Thus improving information management practices is a key focus for any organization either public or private. General Overview of Crystal Grocery

Crystal Grocery store was a medium sized, small scaled grocery store which was first established as a small store in the heart of Sydney. With the passing of generations and subsequent profit it was now expanded its size and the product coverage base. The store is based on just 1200 x 4250 sq ft area and its everyday transactions rounds up to about $5000. It employs about 20 staffs adding both the administrative and store based staffs. The trading hours of the store is from Monday to Saturday between 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. The store uses some computers with appropriate application and softwares to keep track of the products bought from the suppliers, the sales of the product and financial facts. There is LAN connection in the store that links with the internet the world wide web for regular contact with the suppliers and customers through e-mail, newsletter subscription and .... The store regularly organizes different schemes for the advertisement and improvement in sales. In the name of technologies, the store is using just basic things like computer, telephones, fax and other general electronics based items. In the name of information management systems just accounting packages and human resource management system are used for the work shift timing. The accounting package is used to keep track of the finances of the business and marketing and advertising is done with the help of internet emails and multimedia aided...
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