Situational Analysis Metabolic

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Situational Analysis:
Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP) is a global pharmaceutical company with over $25 billion in global sales. It has extensive experience bringing drugs to market including its most profitable drug, Zimistat. Metabical, is CSP’s new weight loss drug that is being brought to market by CSP and is targeted to individuals categorized as overweight (BMIs 25-30). Metabical is the culmination of 10 years and $400 million dollars in R&D and is uniquely positioned as the only prescription weight loss pill to target the overweight population. This drug, if targeted to the correct consumers should be able to capitalize on the megatrend in U.S. society of increasing obesity. The challenges to Metabical’s durable success are several: weight loss pills have been subject to significant bad press, consumers and prescribers must be made aware of Metabical’s existence and potential benefits, the correct consumer market segment must be selected where there is a demand for a prescription weight loss pill , making the drug profitable not only in the short term, but to achieve penetration for long lasting success. CSP has enlisted outside help to aid in the marketing communication strategy and market positioning of its new drug. Recommendations:

Marketing Communication strategy and market position:
SWOT: marketing strategy
-only prescription drug for overweight population
-company history of successful drug campaigns
-experienced management
-large budget/scale
-few competitors
-FDA approvedWeakness:
-Pill w/ history of bad press
- access to providers
- price
- prescription must be provided
- brand awareness
-customer desire to lose weight
-customer desire to improve body image
-trend U.S. population gaining weight
-Awareness of detrimental effects of weight

-Lack of provider enthusiasm/awareness
-Changing insurance trends
-Changes in demographics/consumer needs
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