Situational Analysis for Scope Mouthwash

Topics: Marketing, Competitor analysis, Competition Pages: 3 (647 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Situation Analysis of Scope Mouthwash

Internal Analysis
Overall objectives- Increase market share of Scope Mouthwash by 10% in 6 months.

Overall strategy- Push strategy, push Scope from the manufacturer into target markets to create demand and convenience.

Target market(s)- Fresh breath seekers, Germ-killing seekers

Product objectives, strategy, tactics- customer satisfaction, differentiating the product by claiming it gives the user the freshest breath, use smaller bottles to convey the idea that you don’t need as much to gain the same breath freshness.

Channel objectives, strategy, tactics- Cost leader as well as accessibility, by making smaller bottles the manufacturers will save on cost which will inturn make the product less costly for the consumer. By being easily obtained at any location, customers will never be able to say no to Scope. Scope needs to take advantage of any channel possible to distribute Scope.

Price objectives, strategy, tactics- Obtain a 40% profit margin on sales of the smaller Scope bottles. Use Market Penetration to introduce new product. Price product lower than competitors to drive sales and increase profits.

Promotion objectives, strategy, tactics- increase brand awareness of Scope to 40% in 3 months. Use celebrities as spokespersons to reinforce the idea that Scope gives you the freshest breath. Push strategy from manufacturer to customer.


Financial performance (e.g., sales, profits, market share by product, channel) This includes trends, past and current performance. External Analysis
Audit of current external forces in the industry to include both those facing the firm and its competitors in its relevant markets. It is NOT just about how external forces effect the firm in question. Regulatory. This includes legal issues such as product liability, regulatory issues such as changing environmental protection standards that may make certain products obsolete, may change the competitive...
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