Situation Analysis on Dr. Tim's Dog Food

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Situation Analysis for Dr. Tim’s Dog Food:

What’s going on inside the company?
-Momentum dog food created and directly distributed for mushers

What are the company’s goals and objectives?
* Increased distribution to retail stores, the Internet, and global distribution

What boundaries have the company set?
* Not many boundaries, other than concern for brand identity, and not wearing the company resources too thin

What is my company good at?
* Dr. Tim’s dog food has a focus of being “all-natural, veterinary standard” kibble * Direct link to those Dr. Tim wishes to sell to

Are there any constrains?
* Yes, again keep the brand identity intact, and do not spread resources too thin

What’s happening outside the company?
* There are lots of dry dog food kibble choices out there already for the consumer * Many pet lovers
* Room for expansion and specialty dog food

The 5 C’s For Dr. Tim’s Dog Food:

-Specializing in dog kibble for mushers (Momentum), those who use sled dogs, dog racers etc. -Consumers have trust in the brand because a veterinarian, who is very involved in the dog mushing industry, created it. Future plans include, expansion into the global and Internet market, a product mixes (introduction of feline and other types of dog food).

When it comes to the competitors of Dr. Tim`s pet food there is really not much that can come close to how they put everything together for dogs and cats. When it comes to something as special as your best friend or the cat that always greets you at the door when you get home from work there is nothing that is too good for them. Most of the other brands use only the 3 or 4 types of ingredients, things like by-product meal, dried beef pulp, dried egg products when they should be using the real thing. Real eggs and beef with not putting things in the food like the by-product which is not good for their digestion and could lead to bigger problems later in life. If you want your pet to live life to the fullest you should always feed them a food that is made to give the pet the most out of everything’s he or she does.

-Since Dr. Tim’s dog food was being produced in a small area that wasn’t able to exactly reach a maximum amount of people, the customers mainly consisted of sled-dog owners who want the best possible formula for dogs to be able to carry their full deed throughout the race. Dr. Tim’s did want to expand to more populated areas, but if they were to do so they could potentially lose their image as a high quality, certified veterinarian brand. Hunt decided to expand his brand by putting his products up for availability on the internet, with his original formula being available were also other formulas such as: Pursuit, a formula designed for companion canines that exhibited a moderate-to-vigorous activity level, Kinesis, a formula that was developed for canines with a medium-to-low activity level (including puppies). On this site that he offered, customers could buy their food and do in-depth research on the ingredients that is in each formula. Though Dr. Tim’s wanted their product to be readily available to most of everybody, they focused more on getting their product to sled-dog owners in areas where sled-dog-races were a common thing

The only thing that climate really effect’s is distribution. In the case study they talk a lot about sled dog teams. Consumers with sled dogs like the choice of Dr. Tim’s dog food because its better for their dog’s health and their health matters because they make up the team. This means that Dr. Tim’s food goes out to consumers that live out in colder weather conditions. Dr. Tim’s should make sure that their food is shipped in proper tempters while its being shipped out to consumers in these cooler conditions....
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