Site Visit Report

Topics: Bible, Religion, God Pages: 12 (3911 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Georgia Perimeter College
Mr. Bradley
RELI 1301 - World Religions
Spring 2011
Site Visit Report Template1

Note: Students are to read all instructions related to this assignment before completing this template. Place your responses adjacent to or below each item/question – do not delete text from this template. Remember to please use a different font size or color in order to assist me in differentiating your text from that of this template.

Student Name: Raul Leal

Name of Site Visit Location: Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah Witnesses Religious Tradition: Christianity
Sub-tradition within Larger Religious Tradition: Jehovah Witnesses Date and Time Attended: Sunday, 3:00pm

Address: 2341 Lake Rockaway Road Northwest
City: Conyers
Phone: 770-363-9245
Website (if available):

Contact Name: Luis Rios
Contact Title/Position: Baptized Preacher
Contact Phone and/or E-mail:
NOTE: The above contact information is required information. (For many students, it will be the same person you interviewed during your visit. However, some students may interview a different person than the person they contacted when making their initial arrangements.) Students who fail to provide this information typically have not made contact in advance and are neglecting the instructions for this assignment. The failure to provide accurate contact information will result in at least a One Letter Grade Penalty on this assignment.

1. Background Information (respond to 1.1 – 1.2 below):
1.1. (1) History (Include brief background on the history of this group in Atlanta [or other city as appropriate], where they worshipped before, who founded the center, any challenges faced, etc.) Do not paste in text from a web site or other outside source. Provide your own original summation of this information. The Kingdome Hall center was first build in 2003; at first it did not have many members of the congregation. The first years, it was difficult to raise money for the organization. Before this Kingdome Hall opened, the people from here would worship at the Kingdome hall at Johnson Road in also in Conyers. The center was founded by raising donations by other congregations.

1.2. (2) Center Activities (Include worship schedule, special events, programs for children, classes, group meetings, newsletters or other publications.) Do not paste in text from a web site or other outside source. Provide your own original summation of this information. Sundays at 3pm and Thursdays at 7:30pm, a special event is a huge meeting of all the local congregations into one Assembly Hall. They do not hold activities for children, Thursdays is the basic class fundamentals for people interested in the organization. Two famous publications is the “Watchtower” and “Awake” which are based out of New York City.

2. Physical features (respond to 2.1 – 2.4. below):
2.1. (3) Describe the surrounding neighborhood. Are there any indications of whether members are from the immediate neighborhood? A quite residential neighborhood, across the street from a Baptist church, there is no indications of members from this neighborhood.

2.2. (4) Note the size, architectural style, and condition of buildings and their exteriors (e.g., elaborate landscaping, bell-tower). Would you know the buildings were used for religious purposes just judging from the exterior? How? What impression does the whole exterior give to passers-by? A single story building, with ranch style architecture, being a new look clean condition as well the exteriors where the tool for upkeep are kept. It has a simple looking building, no bells and no windows on the building. Judging for the simple look from the building that has no indicators, you would not be able to tell it is a place of worship. The impression it would give to a outsider is a simplistic way of worship.

2.3. (5) Describe physical socioeconomic indicators about attendees (the types of cars in the parking lot,...
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