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  • Published : October 30, 2010
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Write a 200- to 300-word memo persuading your boss to allocate you the time, money, and resources to conduct a site survey. In your memo, explain the benefits of conducting a site survey as well as the possible negative effects of not conducting a site survey. You will need to be sure that your boss understands what tools you will need to conduct the site survey and why each is needed. Mr, Jackson;

In reference to the site survey I purposed to you this morning, I would like to take this time to further explain my reasoning as to why a site survey is necessary and will benefit the company prior to the wireless network revisions you are proposing. The site survey will determine the number of access points, the types of antennas needed, what other wireless networks exist in the area, which band is needed in order to minimize interference and optimize performance , and the best placement for those access points and antennas. This will also help in purchasing network devices which support multiple bands . The goals of the survey is to come up with a design which will achieve the best possible performance from the WLAN, assure the installation will operate as promised, locate the best location for access points, optimize the network for a variety of applications, ensure coverage will fulfill the companies needs, assess security, locate breaches in the network, and reduce radio interference,. The site survey will also let us compile a more cost effective and accurate map of the network. It will locate flaws in the building that may impede wireless access to certain areas. Without the survey, we could find out after the fact that the buildings walls, which may contain metal parts that will not permit wireless transmission. Without the survey our networks signal strength, networks security, and our networks access points can be jeopardized. The cost of the survey is minimal in regards to time and money, than the cost of not...
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