Sitcoms Analytical Exposition

Topics: Scrubs, The Mighty Boosh, Julian Barratt Pages: 4 (1224 words) Published: May 2, 2011
Whilst sitcoms are indeed mindless, predictable highly structures and shallow, some sitcoms offer good quality entertainment that is challenging. The netter quality sitcoms challenge viewers to think about issues of social significance and offer multi dimensional characters and good quality scripts. The poor quality sitcoms fail to challenge on any level. Sitcoms such as The Mighty Boosh don’t raise important social issues like racism, religion and obesity, yet sitcoms like Scrubs discuss these issues in various episodes.

Sitcoms can be true to life even if based in a set, the show Scrubs addresses social issues like racism, obesity & death. Yet shows like The Mighty Boosh only touch on subjects but not enough to have any effect on you after the show is finished. Set based sitcoms can get claustrophobic so the show will venture outside of the main setting to give the sitcom world more depth.

The Mighty Boosh

Howard Moon- Howard is a self-described "jazz maverick" and claims to be an intellectual with many talents, calling himself a 'man of action', but in reality he is unsuccessful in his literary and romantic ventures. He is unpopular with many of the characters, including Mrs. Gideon who always forgets his name, Bob Fossil who often uses Howard as a puppet for his bizarre schemes and Bollo who often says his name wrong or ignores him completely

Vince Noir- Vince's main personality trait is his relaxed outlook on life, living with perpetually laidback ease, socializing easily with those around him. Vince is often the voice of reason when Howard is being pretentious, although Vince has also been known to have a particularly naïve and somewhat childlike outlook on life. It is often implied that Vince is narcissistic, putting great pride in his appearance, especially his hair, Vince usually conforms to specific subcultures which he considers vogue, such as Mod, Goth, Punk, and New Rave, adapting them to fit his appearance. Vince is...
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