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Comparing sitcoms from the 1950’s to now would show how dramatically the life we live has hanged, mainly from a female perspective. Sitcoms originated on the radio in 1926, being based on ‘situation comedy’, most commonly known as ‘sitcoms’. The American society is what had a major influence on how each sitcom would be presented and the message it would pursue. As always, America was based on ‘American Dream’, the national ethos of United States, which promises prosperity and success. However over the course of history, the ethos now indicates the ability for everyone to achieve prosperity no matter who you are. According to the ‘dream’, that would mean for everyone to be treated equally, no matter your race, class, religion or gender, you would grow up with a good education and have a worthwhile career. Using ‘The American Dream’, sitcom writers would show the truth by featuring characters in the same common environment (home, work, etc.) accompanied with jokes and humor in their dialogues. Over time, the general outlook of what a woman is and can be as drastically changed since the first sitcom. By using stock characters such as Margaret Anderson (Jane Wyatt), Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery), Ann Marie (Marlo Thomas, Jessica Tate (Katherine Helmond), Clair Huxtable (Phylicia Rashād), Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) and the girls from ‘Friends’ (Rachel – Jennifer Aniston, Monica – Courtney Cox, Phoebe – Lisa Kudrow) the sitcoms send the message easier with dialogue and a figure to look up to rather than simple words. Discussing the main female protagonist I will show how society and sitcoms have changed and adapted over the years to accept the power of women in the world.

In 1939 the world was launched into chaos, withstanding this until 1943 when WW2 ended. Sitcoms such as ’Father Knows Best’ and ‘Leave It To Beaver’ began to show women where they ought to be since the men were back. Due to the war, all the men were sent out to fight for their country no matter how...

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