Sitcom Paper

Topics: Mother, Family, Marriage Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Date: 09-16-11
Period: 8
Sociology of the Family
Sitcoms and Reality

Based on the sitcoms that we watched the major similarities you see is a mother, father and 2-3 kids, the father is the only one working that bringing home money and a roof over his family head while the mother is a stay at home mom taking care of her kids, cooking cleaning, the kids are well manner, they listen and they speak properly to all adult. Also they always sit together as a family and eat breakfast and dinner. The fathers do not do anything at home the wife has to serve him and there is no thank you or anything. It’s the woman job to do everything in the house with no help from the husband and it look like they really love begin a house wife and be a maid to their husband. Their wake up early before anyone is awake and cleans the house and get pretty and then cook and when everyone is awake they sit and eat together as a family before the father and children’s left for work and school.

They are changes now in sitcom woman have the same right as men “My wife and kids” Both the woman and man are working they both have equal right the mother is the one cooking cleaning and doing other stuff in the house also the father is doing work inside the house he sometime clean and cook for his kids and wife and also the father is fun and he know when to punish his kids and they talk about some reality situation. The childrens get into trouble their not well respected like “Leave it to beaver” childrens. They sit as a family when eating breakfast and dinner just like the Beaver family. Family has change since the 50’s woman and man now are totally different now on TV and nothing like back in the 50’s woman on TV have more power than man they control the house and not the man, man on TV are weaker and dumber they are scared of their wife for example “Everybody Love Raymond” “Malcolm in the middle” the mother is the one who rule the house and when the wife said no to something the husband...
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