Sister Flowers Summary

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Sister Flowers Summary
“Sister Flowers,” is a descriptive narrative by Maya Angelou. This piece was taken from her first of six autobiographies, Why the Caged Bird Sings (1970). Angelou, with much admiration and respect, describes a woman by the name of Sister Flowers as, “the aristocrat of Black Stamps”(87), “the measure of what a human being can be”(88), and educated. Angelou, who became mute almost a year earlier after being raped at the age of eight, was at a low point in her life. She describes how she initially encountered Sister Flowers by stating, “Then I met, or rather got to know, the lady who threw me my first life line”(87). Sister Flowers shared her love for literature with Angelou and influenced her to begin speaking again. Ultimately, Sister Flowers helped Angelou become who she is today, a successful writer. This piece shows the admiration and respect she had for Sister Flowers. It explains why she idolized Sister Flowers. Additionally, Angelou goes on to explain exactly how Sister Flowers helped her at a desperate stage in her childhood. Someone who influences me in such a way as Sister Flowers did for Angelou is my current boyfriend, Tomas. I am more motivated than I have ever been in my life, as well as being truly happy with myself, all while having fun living in the moment because of Tomas.

I was not always as motivated as I am currently. I did not set goals or have any visions of what I wanted in life. I was in an unhealthy relationship, which I masked, by using marijuana. The life I was pursuing was at a standstill, a dead end and going nowhere (except to the refrigerator to satisfy my munchies). If it had not been for my first love re-entering my life, ten years later, I do not know how much lower I could have gotten. Thanks to the social network, myspace, we spoke for the first time since our split as teenagers. Immediately, the fire re-ignited between us. He went on to speak of things he had accomplished while we were apart. He had...
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