Sister Flowers

Pages: 3 (613 words) Published: April 17, 2013
1. What is Angelous main purpose in this narrative? What does she want to show about Sister Flower’s effect on her?

To teach young children that being yourself is the best way to live, taking chances, being respectful and opening up always goes a long way. I feel she wants to show us that reading and writing are great separate but together it shows within. Words are taught to people from books, so if no one reads new words how will the next person learn the meaning.

2. How does Angelou use sensory details and imagery in paragraphs 24 to introduce Mrs. Flower’s character?

She cascades the words to show feeling, compassion and how much she wanted her to speak up, using words to make a meaning.
3. Why does Angelou emphasize the embarrassment she felt when Momma talked to Mrs. Flowers? What do these conversations reveal about Angelous attitude toward her grandmother at this time?

Because she feels her mother is being disrespectful, that Mrs. Flowers deserves way more than being called just her name. At the time she could have resented her mother, felt like her mother knew better and that she didn’t agree at all.

4. As an adult, what does Angelou suspect about her grandmothers relationship to Mrs. Flowers that she didn’t see as a child?

That even though they didn’t speak a lot or share a special bond, both were alike in similar ways just different circumstances. Also, that the way you speak to people tells who you are on the inside.

5. Why was Angelou impressed by Mrs. Flowers? To what kinds of women is she compared? Why is Angelou glad she had never seen Mrs. Flowers spoken to by white people?

She was impressed by Mrs. Flowers because even though she was a rich, she still cared herself as any ordinary women. She compared Mrs. Flowers to a woman of high standards and class. She is glad she never saw her conversations with white people because didn’t want to observe the stern looks amongst everyone and she commonly...
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