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Formulating a Feasible Business Strategy to Start
SISYPHE culture dissemination limited company predecessor is Guizhou Zunyi SISYPHE House, founded in August 1993. SISYPHE' s main businesses are selling books and coffee. SISYPHE has been adhering to the "to form the local spiritual life", large numbers of readers admire it by the rich copyrighted works, many kinds of beneficial cultural activities and high-quality service. Our service concept "backpacks too heavy, deposit; stand too tired, sit down; bought too expensive, copy it; If you have an opinion, mention it." This idea has become widely reference of the profession "guild regulations" for many industries. After deep consideration, I decide to join the corporation of SISYPHE, and the franchised outlet is located in campus town Chongqing. Next to the Chongqing university and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

Define the concept of business strategy.
The determination of long term goals and the courses of action for carrying out these goals. A company’s strategy consists of the set of competitive moves and business approaches that management is employing to run the company. Company's strategy is management’s “game plan” to:

1. Attract and please customers; The profits root in the customers, manager does every decisions in order to attract and please customers. So, company does promotional activities and allows profits to customers to get their satisfaction. 2. Stake out a market position; Ranking of a brand, product, or firm, in terms of its sales volume relative to the sales volume of its competitors in the same market or industry. ( Every company has a clear market positioning that can promote development of enterprises. 3. Conduct operations; Formulate and implement maintenance procedure, supervise the cost and efficiency, optimize the resources, arrange the charges, actualizes the timeliness, reliability and safety standards can increase efficiency and get more profits. 4. Compete successfully (surpass competitors); Company has many competitors, manager consider about standing out. The practice proved that, the good localization and the accurate powerful execution, caused the long strength to realize the fast effective development, and surpass competitors become the top of others. 5. Achieve organizational objectives; The organizational objectives reflect the the prospect and aspiration of the enterprise.

Set the business mission and objectives.
Mission statement: SISYPHE provides many kinds of books and coffee, especially nonfictions what can meet the diverse needs of customers. Written declaration of a firm's core purpose and focus which normally remain unchanged, whereas business strategies and practices may frequently be altered to adapt to the changing circumstances. A mission statement focuses on current business activities -- “who we are and what we do.” Now, we focus on these three elements: Current product and service offerings; SISYPHE provides many kinds of books, especially nonfictions what can meet the diverse needs of customers. And SISYPHE also has cafes. Customer can take books in their cafe house and drink a cup of coffee and enjoy a good time. SISYPHE also has good service. The company owns a group of strictly selected and trained high-quality staffs. Customer needs being served; SISYPHE has a famous slogan:''If you have an opinion, mention it." SISYPHE pays attention to customers' complaints, and feedback every complaints seriously and timely. According to these ideas, SISYPHE improves their service and makes more and more customers like it so that get more profits. Technological and business capabilities; SISYPHE tries to improve the technological and business capabilities. They introduce the advanced technologies and business from abroad. What they do make SISYPHE has powerful competitiveness. Objectives

Corporate objectives: corporate objective is to achieve the expected results to realize its...
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