Sir William Crookes

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“Sir William Crookes”

The day that William Crookes was born (born on the 17th of June, 1832 in London) questions to the world were being thought of but only one man could answer those questions and that man would be William Crookes. William Crookes was most definitely one of the most influential scientific minds that the world has ever experienced. At first William felt that organic chemistry was the path to his life; although. When he discovered the element thallium his world was changed and the extremes of the universe opened up to him. The thought of creating this extravagantly intricate element, thallium made Williams head race like a speeding bullet. William Crookes was motivated by the possibility of creating a new element, causing him to do what ever it took for him to be able to get there; no matter the vicissitudes. William’s life was being an English chemist and physicist. For William to get there he had to ensconce himself in a stupendous school. Therefore he enrolled into the Royal College of Chemistry and studied chemistry under a well educated man named, “August Wilhelm von Hofmann”. Later in 1851 William became the assistant of August. As time went by (Three years) William was allotted as an assistant in Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford (In the Meteorological Department). Later in 1855, William received a chemical post in Chester; as time progressed William became more and more ensconced into Science and was practically giving his life for Science. In 1861, William Hausen 2

had conducted a Spectroscopic experiment. Out of the residue form the manufacture of the Sulphuric acid was something never noted or noticed before. While something out of the blue glimmered in his eyes, he observed a bright green line. This bright green line was what began the excitement of William Crookes career. This bright green line was “Thallium”. “Thallium is a soft malleable highly toxic white metallic element used as a rodent and insect poison and in...
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