Sir Walter Raleigh a Farewell to False Love

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Brandon Russ
April 3, 2013
English- Intro to Essay 063
Eva Jones
Argument Essay # 2
Honestly, what seems to be the big deal or rather ordeal concerning the amount of stress that Americans today are under? In reality, despite this more trending national surge in nerves going into a fritz, Americans are actually safer from true danger than ever before. Think about the circumstances, they’re not forced to experience the exasperating hardships and relentless stress of living in a third world country or a developing country worrying about attaining more basic life-necessities. The real problem coexisting in the minds and well beings of Americans is partially caused by the cloak of modernity which has insulated them so well from the grim threats of society such as bear attacks and real life confrontations with others. Where some believe Americans need to lighten up and release all the worries they carry, others feel that these problematic stressors are inherent and inevitably going to have an impact on their lives. However, pressures that Americans undergo repetitively include problems like education, and how it affects many negatively when hassling to keep up in their studies, and other considerable stressors that range from obtaining jobs and potential career goals to making and developing new friendships and relationships. Therefore, the three most problematic stressors in which Americans struggle with today are getting a quality education, searching for and retaining a beneficial job, and cultivating strong, compatible relationships and friendships.

Trying to seek out and successfully procure a quality education imposes a substantial magnitude of undue, self-inflicting stress on Americans of all ages. Americans of today’s modern generation have the pressures and responsibilities of academics. Now that it’s the twenty first century, teens seem more vulnerable to strong external forces such as drugs, alcohol, violence, sex, and the media. Lacking the right...
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