Sir Samuel Hughes's Life and Work

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  • Published : January 30, 2012
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Sir Samuel Hughes was born on January 8th 1853, in Darlington Township, Upper Canada to John Hughes and Caroline Laughlin. He took upon the professions of a teacher, militia officer, newspaper proprietor, and a politician. Since his childhood he had great interest in reading about travel accounts and military campaigns. As a young man he expanded his interest in fishing, hunting, and organized sports. He kept his love for hunting throughout his life. At the age of sixteen he became a primary teacher. Further on in his life he took up jobs in a Railway Company, and in accounting, but resumed back to teaching. His everlasting interest led him to join a rifle company in 1866. He escaladed throughout its positions to become a lieutenant in 1873, a captain, and then an adjutant five years later. Hughes gave up teaching in 1885 and purchased a Conservative newspaper in Lindsay called the Victoria Warder. He later on founded the Victoria County Rifle Association and soon became a member of the Lindsay Board of Trade, the freemasons, the Odd fellows, and the orange order. In 1891 he invited a competition between himself and the Liberal incumbent in Victoria North, John Augustus Barron, for his seat in the House of Commons. He lost that election but gained victory in a by-election the next year. He obtained the seat until his retirement from politics in 1921. Hughes started to have troublesome time in 1898. Hughes sold his Hughes Ventilator Car company, the limited stock company that he had founded in 1894 along with other capitalists and the Warder Company to pay off his debts. In later years Hughes had invested in Standard Oil and Imperial Oil, but reformation was far away in the future. He had been administrated command of the 45th Battalion and promoted lieutenant-colonel, in 1897 Hughes occupation started with the Canadian armed forces with whom he worked with during the South African War of 1899-1902. Among the British commanders he received a reputation of being...
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