Sir Roger's Character

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Sir Roger's Character
Sir Roger has been characterized vividly by Joseph Addison and Richard Steele. Sir Roger is presented in these essays as kind, generous, lovable and sometimes as a peculiar person. But in the hand of Joseph Addison, Sir Roger's character is conveyed ironically. For that reason he sometimes seems odd. Although he is gentle and mild in nature and lovable to people, he has some eccentricities and oddities. And all these things are delineated superbly in these essays. However these things are given below:

Humanity: Sir Roger is a man of humanity and has a large heart. Moreover, he is mild. He loves not only the servants of his house but also the people who live around him. In the essay "Sir Roger at Church" we see that he is asking about the condition of the people who are absent in the church. It suggests that he is very kind hearted and generous for who he is very aware of other's.

Lover of religion: He is a true lover of religion. He is a regular church goer and encourages other to come to the church. His mind is set for religious purposes and he does a lot of jobs for religion. In the essay "Sir Roger at Church", we see that he has decorated end beautified the church on his own accord and at his own expense so that the country people would be encouraged to come to the church enthusiastically. He has beautified the inside of his church with several texts of his own choosing. He has also given a handsome pulpit-cloth, and railed in the communion-table at his own expense.

Skilled Organizer: Sir Roger is a skilled organizer. He organizer not only him house but also the church. He has keen sense to organize things. The church is organized beautifully. He encourages people to come to church, decorates for church and keeps the church in a very good or disciplined order. All these things suggest he is a skilled organizer. When he found his parishioners very irregular; and that in order to make them kneel and join in the responses, he gave...
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