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  • Published : March 27, 2011
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Sir Robert Peel is known in the books as the founder of the first form of an English police department: the London Metropolitan Police. This was after his London Metropolitan Police Act passed in 1829, giving greater power to the English police force and establishing what he is known for today. Peels ideas were very well defined and offered a lot to policing even up to modern day. To understand the impact of this, we must take a look at Peel's act, and know how it would change policing. Peel was Home Secretary of England when his act passed in 1929. Sir Peel’s mission in creating his police force was to establish control on crime. He wanted to obtain this through crime prevention. Thus far, policing had been reactive for the most part. His ideas of crime prevention reflected the proactive idealization, that is that preventing crime is more effective than responding to it. Sir Peel's principles were heavily influenced by the military as well. He implemented the military’s organizational structure such as their uniforms, ranks and rank structure, discipline, and an authoritarian system of command. In an authoritarian system of command, one single person is in charge at the top of the command chain. This same military approach is still one of the most commonly used command structures in today’s policing. Although Sir Peel established these groundbreaking principles for policing, he was not a police officer himself. Sir Peel guided London’s police department with “Peel's Principles of Policing”. The principles that Peel laid out focused on what he believed the core values for being a good police officer were. Sir Peel also introduced two other elements to policing, which became the basis for modern policing: mission statement and strategy. These days, every police department clearly defines and displays their mission and values statements, as well as every department develops effective and efficient strategies. Sir Peel’s nine principles addressed many of the...
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