Sir Gawain the Green Knight Parallel Story

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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There once was a noble young man who was renowned for his awe-inspiring abilities in the goal box. He laughed in the face of evil and smiled with mirth when given any challenge. Any challenge, but one. The fated Penalty Kick is one of the toughest things to save from going in the goal. You see, this young man's name was Sir Stephen the Red and he was the goalkeeper for his kingdom of Nolnia. All the citizens throughout the land knew him to be the greatest goalkeeper to have ever lived but, in the depths of Stephen's heart, he constantly quelled his terror at failing on a PK. However, Stephen still knew that he was the greatest at goalkeeping in all the land so he shirked the fear on his heart and continued as though all was well. During a rainy training session a few weeks later, an unknown player showed up to practice and announced himself as Sir Strikes-a-lot The Wicked. Now Stephen wasn't one to be impressed by smack talk, but the player walked straight over to the team and said he would let somebody attempt to humiliate him by shooting a Penalty Kick against him in front of the whole team. Taken aback, Stephen asked what the man's terms were. The man replied with the counter that he would be allowed to shoot a PK exactly one year after if Sir Stephen missed. Stephen laughed and immediately took him up on the challenge since he reckoned that if anyone were to stand a chance against the Wicked man's shot it would be him. Granted that he had to miss first, which simply wasn't an option. Sir Stephen placed the ball on the penalty spot as he had done so many times before and did some last minute stretches before preparing to kick. The Wicked man was doing nothing at all, not stretching, not putting on keeper gloves, nothing at all except staring at Sir Stephen with a blank and disturbing expression. He strode towards the goal he would be defending and stopped just inside the goal, side-straddling the line that indicated a successful shot if the ball crossed it....