Sir Gawain

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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December 2nd, 2012
In the epic poem, Sir Gawain and The Green Knight by an unknown author, several characters break rules stated in “The Rules of Courtly Love” by Eleanor of Aquitaine. The biggest rule breakers are the lord and the lady. They break these rules through their words and actions. Two of the several rules that the lord and lady break are “Marriage is no real excuse for not loving” and “He who is not jealous, cannot love”

The first rule in “The Rules of Courtly Love” by Eleanor of Aquitaine is “Marriage is no real excuse for not loving”. This rule is broken mainly by the lady. “If I had the choice of a husband” shows that the lady doesn’t truly care about her marriage or her husband. She is saying that he prefers Gawain if she had a choice and doesn’t feel as if she is bound to her husband. This also represents that she never loved her husband and is not loyal towards him.

The second rule in “The Rules of Courtly Love” Eleanor of Aquitaine is “He who is not jealous, cannot love”. This rule is mainly broken by the lord. The lord breaks this rule when he first sets up the bargain. The bargain stated that whatever Gawain finds in the castle he must give to the lord. In contrast, whatever the lord finds in the forest he must give to Gawain. The lord setting up this bargain shows that he doesn’t care who his wife has romantic feelings for. There is a chance that the lady may have feelings for Sir Gawain or vice versa. A loving husband would not have set up the bargain in the first place.
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