Sir Christopher Wren

Topics: Christopher Wren, St Paul's Cathedral, Baroque Pages: 3 (1046 words) Published: June 9, 2011
Sir Christopher Wren

March 14, 2011
Jonathan Neville

Wrens Architecture
Sir Christopher Wren In the seventh century Christopher Wren was known as geometer, an English designer, a professor of astronomy, founded the group Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge, and of the English Late Renaissance Period one of the greatest architects in history is attributed the restoration of St Paul's Cathedral during this time a natural disaster happened in London burning most of the City. His main focus is put into the Cathedral the appointment of Royal Surveyor to Charles III. The difficulty in restoring the Cathedral standing in Wren's way was the Clergy, which had to approve his designs, but Wren found a way around the Clergy's watchful eye. Wren had to come up with a new design for St. Paul's. He also had to do so for about 51 other churches in the area, but the cathedral was his focus (Sir Christopher Wren, 2010). The design for the church had to be approved by the Clergy, and they were very picky with what they wanted. The first design he gave them is schematically similar to the original old church, but the Clergy wanted it to be different. So the second design he submitted was radically different, the Clergy rejected that too, the reason they gave is his design is religiously just too radical. Wrens design is referring to Greek Christians Cross with a massive dome on the end, and a small spire. The Clergy approved the third design, after Wren had to submit under the Clergies constraints to the design, Wren asks Charles III for some help to give him Architectural freedom, and Wren received permission to make variations, ornamental rather than essential changes to the design. Charles III grant Wren extensively uses throughout the construction of the new cathedral. Wren secretly worked around the clergy politics he simply hides the construction using extra scaffolding the clergy could not see the changes until near completion. It has...
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