Sir Alex Ferguson Criticism

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Name: Muhammad Ayatullah Adeka
Lecturer Name: Joe Mcdade English 1303 Date: 18 October, 2011

Title: Best Manager or Local champion? Once again the immortal coach and Manager Sir Alex Ferguson will be celebrating his 25th anniversary as Manchester United’s Manager in November. As a United football fan, I can’t be short of words to say about a man who has been winning trophies for my club 6 years before I was born till date. In July, he just added United’s 19th league title – one ahead of rivals Liverpool. You can’t therefore protest the Knighthood given to him by her majesty, Queen Elizabeth. Like many journalists will put it, he has defied age and mortality of the game. This has led to a term coined after him known as “Fergie Time’- a phrase now common in England that describes the elastic interval that ensues after a match or event is supposed to have ended, but in fact, continues. Perhaps the major admirable secret to Ferguson’s success is his courage to maintain a standard legacy of being in absolute control of the team; booting out any player of any caliber that tows his way out of the part he has designed. He calls it the “my way or the highway” doctrine, meaning no player is bigger than the club or his orders and wants. This has led to the departure of several players of utmost importance to the club who were either been a talisman or playmaker of the team at those particular point in time ranging from everybody’s celebrity David Beckham to the Rock of the team’s defensive line Jaap Stam and even ever hungry goal scoring striker Van Nistelrooy to list a few.` Another enviable qualities of the coach is his ability to groom young players into...
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