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The mobile phone industry made a slow start in India in 1995.several private player who had entered in industry in 1995 exited in next few year dew to the unfriendly telecom policy of the Indian government , high licensing fees and absence of proper telecom regulatory body. The growth in the subscriber base of mobile phone remained sluggish initially, reaching the Million milestone in1998. In 1999, the the government of india announced a new telecom policy.this policy planned to provide telephone on demand by 2009. Nokia was founded in 1965 by Fredric Idestam in finland as a paper manufacturing company. In 1920, finish rubber works became a part of the company, and later on in 1922, finish cable works joined them. All the three companies were merged in 1967 to form the nokia group. In the late 1970s, nokia started taking an active interest in the power and electronics business and by 1987, consumer electronic became Nokia ‘s major business. Nokia created the NMT mobile phone started in 1981 and launched the first NMT phone, Mobira cityman, in 1987. The company delivered the first GSM network to Radkilinia, a finish company in 1991, and in 1992, nokia 1011-a precursor for all nokia’s current GSM phone-was intridused. GIVE ME MORE The first point of entry in to the customer’s mind is through the product. According to the February 2006 report by or ORG-GFK, 57 percent of the total handset sale in the top 35 cities were colour screen mobile phsones. That’s a significant change: in October 2004, colour screen phones accounted for just 25 percent of sale. But a dash of colour is not enough. Roughly one fourth of the colour screen phones that are sold also have cameras. A study by handset manufactures benQ in 2005 confirmed that customer expect their mobile to be more than just communication devices. benQ found that men were keen on camera phone, while women preferred music on the phone. Based on this findings, the Taiwanese company launched the M 220, a colour phone with radio was targeted specifically at women. The price pont: Rs 4500.The company claim that the competing models were priced from Rs 5000-7000, but these models had a camera too. Says ish bawa, marketing and communication head, benQ India, ‘’cellular phones are not just about connectivity. It’s about what more you can offer customers, like camera radio and so on.’’ Bawa says the m 220 managed sales of 5000-6000 unit every month and is the company most popular model – it account for fully for half the company sales. And according to the company warrenty card analysis, at least 35 per cent of the buyers of the m 220 were women. Of course , the real figure could even higher – very often, men buy the product , but women are the end-user. Around the same time last year, Sony Ericsson extended sony’s acclaimed walkman brand to mobile phones. Launched Walkmen series, the company claimed its W800 and W550 models are it’s largest selling model in that segment and make up nearly 20 per cent of the company sales. Of it’s not just music. Manufacture are also expanding their range to combat Nokia 38 models in India. Unit six month ago, Motorola had just five or six models available in the market: it now has 18. In just one month, February 2006, the Indian handset market saw the launch of 14 new model, most of them from Motorola.

Even as company work on their distribution, they are also bringing handset manufacture closer home. Nokia recently had a high profile launch of its manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu. Says Warsi,” Samsung decided to set up its manufacturing base in India to cater to the huge demand expected hear.’’ Samsung unit at manesar, in garaon, which began production in march 2009, will I make million units in first first year of operation. LG, which also has manufacture facility in Pune, claims that setting up a local manufacturing unit has more benefits that economy of scale or...
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