Sip Report

Topics: Foreign exchange market, Futures contract, United States dollar Pages: 31 (8954 words) Published: January 5, 2013

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement
For the award of degree
SESSION (2011-13)

SUBMITTED TO: - SUBMITTED BY:- Acropolis Business School, Name: Rashmi Chauhan Indore Class: MBA 2nd Sem College Roll No.40 University Roll No.- 11705129



We students of Master of Business Administration in, a ACROPOLIS FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, D.A.V.V. (INDORE) 2011-2013. We hereby declare that this project report on “Currency Derivatives for the India Infoline Ltd.” is authentically prepared, is my original work based on learned during the period of training, which I had submitted in India Infoline. Ltd. All the information and data given in my project are authentic to the best of my knowledge and taken from reliable Source.

Place- Indore
Date- 12th Sep.2012 Rashmi Chauhan MBA 2nd Sem


Every researcher in pursuit of his/her objective collects enormous empirical debt of gratitude to others and I am no exception to it. Completing a task is never one man’s efforts; it is often the result of invaluable contribution of no. of individual’s direct or indirect way in shaping success on achieving it. To carry out my work and realize the great satisfaction of its completion. Reaching such a job moment is possible of sources by a single soul it a collection and co-operative venture in which many people directly or indirectly contributes and to sufficiently I am trying to do the same hear . First of all I would like to thank MR. Ankit Salgiya (Branch Manager) and ALL THE EMPOLYEES OF IIFL for their experience guidance and valuable inspiration inexhaustible energy and infinite patience and pain taking effort during this work without their cheerful encouragement might not have made it though on thesis . There keen interest motivation, vast knowledge and friendly co-operation inspire me a lot. I am grateful to them for all their kindness and suggestion for the improvement of my work. I am extremely grateful to express my thanks to all the employees and also thanking training department for their kind support and co-operation.
Rashmi Chauhan


There’ little bit of IIFL in everybody’s life.........
Many students may have done work on this project in different ways/styles. I have also tried to work on this project in different way. It was for first time I got the opportunity to work in such a prestigious and well known organization and things, which I have experienced in my training period or going to help me throughout my time. I have worked on this project with great enthusiasm and zeal. I have tried to cover almost all the things, which I have experienced in my training period. To run giant organization each and every department has to pay his role effectively .In...
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