Sip on Vermicast

Topics: Fertilizer, Manure, Organic fertilizer Pages: 3 (601 words) Published: July 26, 2012


In Partial Fulfillment of Science Investigatory Project
in Research II

Submitted to Mr. Julius I. Centina

Digos City National High School
Digos City
SY 2008-2009


Angoy, Mel Angelic M.
Esma, Romelyn A.
Paciones, Lourenz Aubrey Marchelle A.
Patac, Jessa Kristy S.
Segovia, Demelyn Marie G.

January 2009

Background of the Study
In our economic situation today, crisis is overwhelming. Many places in the Philippines are suffering from the rising prices of crops and commercial fertilizers. The farmers nowadays are sacrificing to buy those commercial fertilizers to make their crops go faster and better. But sometimes, those fertilizers are too acidic and contain many chemicals that instead of making the crops better, the crops were made worse. Most people and Filipinos today are depending on the crops we eat even with its rising value. Hence, we still need a more organic and safer fertilizer to make the crops grow well.

Given the outlook for the continuing growth of economic crisis in the country, one will assume that the demand for better and cheaper crops is also likely to grow, as more money becomes available for funding. It is therefore timely and relevant to further develop and explore the essentials of organic fertilizers to lessen the country’s dependence on imported chemical fertilizers.

Vermicast is produced when an earthworm excess its waste from the food they ate. Vermicast was used an organic fertilizer by the researchers by getting the NPK content. It is better than commercial fertilizers because it doesn’t contain chemicals that can make the crops destroyed.

Earthworms can treat large amount of organic garbage, livestock manure and poultry droppings and turn them into premium organic fertilizers, and thus could greatly improve the...
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