Sioux Warrior

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Sioux Warrior
A warrior is a person experienced in or capable of engaging in combat or warfare, especially within the context of a tribal or clan-based society that recognizes a separate warrior class. However, a Sioux warrior is a member of the largest tribe of the Siouan stock of North American Indians, who originally occupied Minnesota and Wisconsin and later migrated westward to the Great Plains; several Siouan groups where Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota (, 2011). In order to become a Sioux warrior is not only to be prepared for warfare, but to be prepared physically and mentally to protect their lands and surrender the enemies that they fight. What is the difference of being a Warrior and a so called Sioux Warrior? Culture, customs, tradition and religion are behind the Sioux Warriors. In the poem, “Sioux Warrior”, written by Darren M. Grine, the author expresses and writes the poem in first person, showing his knowledge of what a Sioux Warrior believed in, how the social structure is related to their thinking, and how the Sioux Warrior is embedded within the tribe.

In order to be precise on the behavior of a Sioux Warrior, the author writes the poem in first person to reflect the lifestyle of the warrior. The order of the words that the author manages provides knowledge and assures the facts and truth of the life of Sioux. Darren says: “First born into tradition am I”, the order of these words asserts that the warrior has a path to follow. Also “ Truly am I a Sioux Warrior”, this line could confuse the reader that this is not a true statement but a interrogative statement, however, this sentence does not contain a question mark therefore it assures that the author is a real Sioux Warrior.

In his poem, Darren showed the beliefs that the Sioux practiced and those who retained all these practices through generations are recognized in the poem. The main people that taught the warriors their principles were their religion prayers and their families like line 12 shows. “Sacred thanks to Grandfather”, the Grandfather mentions in this line are not the father of the father but rather their religion’s Great Spirit or Grandfather. It consists of beliefs that everything has its own spirit and that it could embody itself in distinctive ways. To live in harmony with all beings is the intended purpose in everyday life. Prayers to the Great Spirit or Grandfather were and are said on a daily basis. Also “Mother Earth shares her abundance”; Mother Earth and her abundance were and still well respected and considered sacred. All living things have important roles in their daily life and ceremonies. The buffalo is very significant in their culture as well as other creatures. The Sioux culture believes that in the spiritual and physical world, animals are one that is with the tribe for life. The buffalo represents characteristics and important meanings in the culture. For instance “Our symbol of life is the Buffalo”, the reason that the buffalo is so important for the Sioux tribe was because for centuries, the tribe followed the herds of the buffalo which provided them all the necessities of food and shelter which were vital to their survival. Therefore, prayers of gratitude and forgiveness were said before and after the warriors hunt for the Grandfather (Grine, 2011). That is why the buffalo was and still is regarded as the symbol of life. The lifestyle between the Sioux Warrior and their beliefs of nature are bind together; basically their psychological part is based on nature.

Every single community has a system and social structure which they follow to keep order within. There is no difference with the Sioux tribe; when there is a child born in the tribe, regardless of the reputation or status, he/she must follow the path of his/her ancestors (line 2 and 3); therefore, the lifestyle is predetermine from the ancestors. The social structure is clearly the church and the military because in lines 7 and 8, “tall orders”...
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