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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Sinulog Crowd Control : Hard work and Dedication 
Stranded in the middle of a rushing crowd with just a piece of rope on your hand was my experience in the sinulog mardigras. People often say to me, "Pahawa ra gud dira dong, wa man nay gamit ang imong gibuhat. Daghan na man ang nakaagi sa imong pisi nga gibutang. Paagia na gud mi." Despite of the constant rumbling of the crowd, my mind hold up on my superior's words:"Don't let the crowd pass or else our efforts to maintain peace and order would  be wasted. Just ignore what they are rumbling about." Annoyance  had got into my nerves. But I still hold on to my ground, vividly looking at the staggering crowd at the back of be. I pity them, for they had taken a wrong way, and so they had to cross across the rope we placed just to keep up with dancers. Inhale... Exhale.. Relax... This would soon end.. But I hadn't had a chance to relax because  as i ( together with my other companions) had let the crowd behind us to cross, another huge wave of crowd came rushing at us, commanding us to let them pass like what had we done to the other wave of crowd before them. ignore them.. just ignore them.. as long as the military and the police are a step away from me, i won't be harmed. Thinking about it, it had boosted my confidence.. Breathe.. this will come to an end soon.... very sooon.. as I released the crowd again, someone bumped me, cursing me with all the swear words he know... "That won't harm me", i said to myself.... "Curse me whatever word you like, but that doesn't create a single crack on my determination  not to remain in my place," I thought... But the truth is, my whole body hurts. I'm shivering from the cold temperature brought by the torrential rains. The fact is, my whole body is wet, my raincoat didn't protect me fully in the rain (the raincoat i bought was a cheap raincoat that can't last for a whol eday..). Shivering from cold, i held my breathe on again....... then i tried to calm myself.....
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