Topics: Quality control, Occupational safety and health, Pleading Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: May 20, 2013
There have been some allegations of poor project management and deterioration in performance in ongoing projects undertaken by Sinohydro. Apart from this, there have also been complaints of projects being behind- schedule, health and safety issues, workers’ strikes, lack of quality control and environmental problems. Its disreputable history in controversial dam projects around the world clearly signals that some serious looking-into should be done in order to restore its reputation and ethical standards. Most recently, there has been an accusation of illegally diluting the mixture of cement used in construction of the Bakum 1 Dam on the island of Borneo. The accusation presented is of great concern to the communities from the dam site since they would be directly affected by any flooding incidents due to poor construction of the dam. In response to the allegation, there have been assurances by company representatives that quality control was indeed functioning, although an admission that the cleaning process was not correct and did not follow instructions was expressed. However, a quality controller at the project said many batches of cement with excessive water passed quality control tests because the measures were inadequate. According to him, these problems were reported to him by his superiors at Sinohydro, but little response and support was received. This clearly shows there is an internal contradiction within the project management. Sinohydro also faced allegations from some residents that heavy machineries that were used for the construction of Francis Town- Ramokgwebana Road by the company have damaged their houses. Clearly, immediate action would have to be taken to prevent further damage to the company’s reputation especially in safety- related issues. Based on the issues faced, the most basic preventive measure that the company has to undertake is to hire experienced machine operators to reduce safety risks. Their previous job records should be...
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