Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Essay

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  • Published : November 30, 2012
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The Puritans of early America were constantly reminded of the consequences of sinning. A pastor of the time was Jonathan Edwards whose mission was to convince his congregation of sinners. He did this through his powerful sermons. In "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," In all actuality our society abuses god’s powers and holds you accountable for abusing that privilege as explained in this story.

Edwards uses imagery to paint a horrifying picture of unsaved souls. His use of graphic words describing the horrors and torment awaiting sinners made an amazing effect on his readers so I think . Even if Hell isn't a real place and all of the pain and suffering described is a lie, Edwards' message is so good and real. In society some people’s beliefs are like the ones that Edward’s describes in his story. It plays a big role in society as religion. He uses imagery to give his side of the story, a mental picture of God holding sinners above the fiery pits of Hell. After filling their hearts with fear, he uses this image to show them that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of God's mercy and forgiveness. There is no doubt that people what he is saying and imagines are real in our world today. People fear Hell and worship god as their savior when in need of his help.

Edwards uses figures of speech to compare God's experiences and the sinner's evil. His uses these metaphors threw out the story, such as the one about the bow of God's wrath being drawn and held over the hearts of sinners. This metaphor shows that God could unleash his wrath at any moment but his kindness saves them. Then compares sinners to spiders and serpents, creatures disliked by humans just as sinners are disliked by God. This shows us how literature takes a big part in society. It comes in when we use religion as part of our everyday life.

As he goes more and more in detail and describes every part about hell he makes it feel so real , just like it would if you...
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