Sink or Swim

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Chantia Thompson
Deanne French
English 101 #13005
April 20, 2013

Sink or swim, cruising is still for me
Who needs a vacation? I know I need one. I would like to invite you to join me aboard a cruise. Despite the negative publicity cruise ships have been getting lately, cruise ships provide the most enjoyable, relaxing, and cost effective vacation options. Let me show you how much fun being at sea can be. There will never be a shortage of food, drinks, or entertainment. If I feel like just lounging at the pool or lounging out on deck all day, I can do that too. Do you need a massage or a facial? I can get that right onboard. . I don’t worry about missing that morning run or workout, there’s a place for that too. Cruise ships operate like little cities. Everything I need is right onboard.

When I am planning my vacation, I plan with a budget in mind. I take into consideration the accommodations, the food and beverages I might consume, the activities I might want to do, and how I am going to get to my destination. The great thing about cruising is the cost of your accommodations, food and beverages and activities can all be included for the price of getting to your destinations. When I say destinations, I’m speaking about the place(s) you want to see. I may have to make additional travel plans to get to the ship, but often this cost can be included in the total cost of the cruise. When I am planning my cruise I usually plan a year in advance. Doing it this way allows me to make a small down payment and pay the rest within sixty days of the cruise. I can pick my cabin level and excursions in advance and budget based on those options. If I decide I don’t want to hassle with airfare later, I can even book that through the cruise line. Booking my flight through the cruise line also ensures that if there are any delays, the ship is made aware and they will wait for me to arrive before leaving the port. On...
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