Single World Language: Benefits

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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‘Words are all we have’ – Samuel Beckett.
According to an eleventh century Arab writer, Ibn-e-Hazm, in the beginning there existed a single language given by God, thanks to which Adam was able to understand the quiddity of things. Over the chequered history of mankind, the fragmentation of this unique tongue that existed abinitio gave rise to a multitude of diverse languages. An integration of all these, or a reversion to a single language would have several repercussions. The fundamental benefits of a single world language are pragmatic. A common language would dissolve all communication barriers and increase mutual understanding between people and the world over. Such an environment would be conducive to world peace and the end of conflicts. Economic prosperity would be facilitated as business partners are able to communicate freely, leading to a growth of international trade. Xenophobia and other related human fears would be eliminated as people are united under one language. This would undermine at least some racism or ethno-centrism as societies become more egalitarian in their outlook on foreign individuals. On the cultural front, a unique tongue would make redundant the need to translate works of literature or to subtitle/dub movies. The dissemination of knowledge and information could be done freely and in all parts of the globe, as the world’s comprehension of different cultures rises. However, there are some drawbacks of a single world language. The convenience of a single language with its resulting blandness would not make for a full life. Language is more than just a communication of needs, it is a reflection of the social, historical and cultural milieu of society and is therefore a sacred institution. By restricting the modes of human expression to a single language we would be stultifying, repressing and suffocating man’s desire to be creative. ‘The limits of my language are the limits of my world’, as someone once aptly noted. Also, in a manner...
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