Single-Use Plans

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Plans developed for activities that are not likely to be repeated in the future are called single-use plans (programs and projects).

This can apply in many businesses. Can you think of a good example of this used recently? are there always positives when using single-use plans or can they sometimes backfire? And if a single use plan is very successful, is it possible that it might be used again? Do single use plans lose their effectiveness after one use? Responses:

1.Wouldn’t a budget be a single-use plan? Setting a budget for the month or year is usually a project a manager has to work on for some time, since they are asked to predict what they will need to run a business effectively. This type of plan, along with any type of plan, can have positive and negative feedback, which would then leave the level of success to depend on the effectiveness of solving the problem. If a plan, a budget, or a project has positive results the ideas will usually be remembered by someone in the company, giving it the potential to be used or incorporated in other projects. But as for duplicating the exact plan, I don’t think any plan is exactly duplicated, plans tend to need a little adjusting to fit the needs of the situation that is arising. 2.yes I agree with you erin because the thought occurred to me that if businesses copied their competition their business would be in terrible shape because they would be using the same plan as their competitor... which would not make any sense. this also makes me think that using the same plan over and over would be ineffective eventually.. do to the fact that in the world today, innovation is replacing tradition. 3.An example of a single-use plan would be the Business Administration bus trip to a local business. That could be considered a project/program. It is repeated though, but in different forms each time. I think the whole concept of single-use plans though means just as it state, to use it once. I find it...
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