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Topics: Earthquake, Earth, Volcano Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: May 15, 2012
The Danger of a Single Story Paper
Taeler Wilson: UNIV 100  
After watching the movie “The Danger of a Single Story”, I immediately became interested in how ignorant we as people can be. Chimamanda Adichie, the speaker of the video, spoke about the misconceptions there were of Africa and its people; one those being that they all are the same. I myself realized that I too grouped all of those from the continent into one category, not separate countries and cultures. We in America tend to do this frequently, and because of it, Adichie had several difficulties when moving to the United States. Her college roommate assumed that she didn’t know how to use a stove and that she listened to “tribal” music. People naturally went to her with questions about Africa assuming that she knew knowledge about the entire continent not just her home (Nigeria). People already had a “single story” of Africa and Adichie’s life growing up without actually doing the research. That itself is quite shameful to me. Africa is not the only subject she spoke of however. Adichie spoke about her childhood, and how impressionable we are of children. We listen to those we look up to and believe them without fault. She also spoke of her trip to Mexico and about how misinformed she had been about their culture because of the many immigration arguments going about in America. I realized because of all of this, I had too experience many cases of judging a book by its cover or its review. In fact most likely everyone has. A single story is exactly what it says: one story, one opinion, one version, and not authentic. One large example of myself going by a single would be the Earth Quakes that’s hit Japan last spring. Right after the earth quake happened, our country immediately erupted in news broadcasts. There were different reports and statistics on every weather channel you looked, but we never got to see the big picture. Of course, we sent help to their country, but that only lasted for so...
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