Single Sex Schools

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  • Published : February 8, 2012
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Good afternoon Ms Plasto and fellow students. My name is Nova Grinter and I believe that single-sex schools are better than co-ed schools. Single sex schools provide a much better working environment for the students with fewer distractions. A single sex classroom gives the teacher opportunities to teach differently with the presence of only one gender. As teenagers develop physically and emotionally having them in the same co-ed classroom can cause more bullying, fakeness and sexual harassment in some cases. Although there is are downsides to a single sex education. Students who attend single sex schools have more opportunities academically because their teachers can apply different learning strategies into the classroom which don’t work as effectively on the opposite sex or in co-ed classrooms. For boys they excel most in English and L.O.T.E subjects and girls improve their performance in Maths and Science at single sex schools. The researchers at Stetson University have done tests which show 75% of girls and 86% of boys work better and more efficiently in single-sex schools. Subjects such as health, physical education and sex education are best taught in a single sex environment to avoid uncomfortable and awkward situations between the teachers and students of opposite sexes. A single-sex learning environment can be the key to avoid bullying. Boys and girls are a clear distraction for each other especially in adolescence as their sexual and emotion sides develop. Often girls will try to impress and get the attention of a boy, they will do this basically at any cost, whether it be dumbing themselves down, making a fool of themselves or just acting differently. Boys don’t necessarily want the attention of a girl however they always seem to catch it. It isn’t uncommon for boys to sexually harass a girl which can make her feel very uncomfortable and not able to perform at their best in the classroom. While trying to avoid sexual harassment, girls will still try...
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