Single Sex Schools

Topics: Education, Gender, High school Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Kelley Dulaney
ENG 075
November 16, 2010
Mrs. Farnsworth

Single-Sex Schools
Most teenagers don’t like the sound of single sex schools. Our society is so used to the idea of mixed genders in high school. The theory of high school has always been about learning and getting ready for the real world. But it almost seems that the “theory” has been thrown into the shadows and the word high school today is not the same as it once was. Teenagers today think High school is where they meet friends, party and play sports. Learning is no longer the number one reason to go to school.

One gender school would be better for students because they have a better chance of learning. They would receive the one-on-one attention that’s not fully received in mixed gender high schools. Students can’t succeed to their full potential with big class sizes. With one gender schools, classes would down size. Teachers would notice everything that goes on and they would be aware of a student struggling and be able to help them right away. Test scores would be higher and the school’s academic success would be increased. More students would stay in school rather than drop out because they would feel like someone cares. In mixed gender schools teachers are not able to fulfill student’s needs because they have a big class roster. They’re not able to focus on one student, so sometimes students think the teachers don’t care. With single sex schools the instructors have a better sense of connection with their students. Students are more likely to get into college because they will have higher class rankings. Their parents will be happier to. The higher student’s grades are, they can receive higher amounts of college scholarships. Parents wouldn’t have to worry about saving thousands when their children would receive good amounts of scholarships due to outstanding grade point averages. When both genders come together...
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