Single-Sex School's Benefits

Topics: Education, Gender, Single-sex education Pages: 4 (983 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Single-sex school's benefits

In some countries single-sex schools is not provided and against the law. In 2002, only a dozen schools were separating sexes and this research is according to the National Association for Single Sex Public Education. Many parents believe that placing their child in single-sex schools give them sexual freedom. Students in single-sex school benefit more than those in co-education. It improves the behaviour, performance of the students, although boys and girls have different styles of learning.

Most of the people agree on that the behavior of students differs. In co-education schools grades are equally for both genders. Indicting that neither gender is disadvantaged by the other, in fact the reverse is true. Sex segregation increases gender divisions among children. “Separating boys and girls in public school classrooms makes gender very salient, and this salience reinforces stereotypes and sexism,” Fabes said. In the other hand, according to Vail, "By far, the advantages most often associated with schooling boys and girls separately is that eliminates distraction. Freed from the worries of impressing the opposite sex, boys and girls can focus on their books" (vail, 2002, p.35). Moreover, in coeducational settings, the culture is one of socialization where for some academics might not be a priority. For these individuals, single-sex classes or single-sex schools might be a better choice. “Single-sex school officials say test scores and attendance rise and attitude improve” (Vail, 2002, p. 33). An experiment take place at Matthew Henson Elmentray School, Dunkel reports that if the disciplinary problems decrease, the attendance will increase and the academic performance will improve and positive attitudes will appear. By providing single-sex schools which decrease the disciplinary problems, the students will have the maximum achievement.

Students have different styles of learning....
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