Single-Sex Education

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Single-sex education is that classes are held only with all boys or all girls in the classrooms. Mixed sex education is that classes are held with mixed boys and girls in the classrooms. In recent years, many single-sex classes and schools are constructed in public school district, especially in secondary levels. Sherrilyn M. Billger (2008) records during 2007 and 2008, in public school district, there are 97 single-sex schools and 295 schools which have instituted single -sex Classes (p. 393). He also mentions “The stated goal of this change to Title IX is that greater choice will improve educational outcomes for both boys and girls” (p. 393). But, while single-sex education gives parents more opportunity for choosing schools for their children, it gives hard times to parents to decide either single-sex school or mixed-sex school is good for their children. Is there any evidence to prove that separating gender have positive effect on boosting academic success? Yes, government through No Child Left Behind Act to support the option of single-sex education in order to avoid gender discrimination. Single-sex has many advantages that help students develop their academic success. Does single-sex education have equal response for both boys and girls? Yes, there are many studies and argumentations have shown single-sex education can improve educational outcomes for both boys and girls. Federal law allows public schools to offer single-sex classes and schools since single-sex education avoid gender discrimination. Gender discrimination has become the major concern in public education for many years. The Title IX of the Education Amendments has taken effect to protect students from gender inequality. Kastberg (2000) states there are many talented female students are ignored or discouraged from attending college (p. 103). Many professors and counselors thought female students are not smart enough to qualify for mathematical and science for whom only male students are...
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