Single Sex Classrooms

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Single sex classrooms create opportunities that do not really exist in a coed classroom for students. Teachers can create learning strategies in all girl classrooms, and in all boy classrooms, which do not work as well in coed classrooms. Many public schools are beginning to adopt the single sex classroom ideas and seeing dramatic improvement with grades and test scores. The strongest proof yet, that separating boys and girls works, is the drastic improvement in grades for both sexes. But to simply place girls in a classroom and boys in another classroom is not going to work. Teachers should have special training for practical gender-specific classroom strategies and learn the best practices for these gender-separate classrooms. In the book “Gender and Education” the authors Barbara Banks, Sara Delamont, and Catherine Marshall specifically state: “Teacher interactions with students are at the heart of the hidden curriculum and are important means by which informal lessons about gender are transmitted in schools” (Banks571). Single sex classrooms simply create more opportunities and a better learning environment for our children that coed classrooms do not create. Girls in all girl classrooms and boys in all boy classrooms are more likely to study subjects that they would not necessarily choose if the class was coed. It also expands ideas of educational opportunities and core values for both boys and girls, and the classes generate custom created learning strategies and instructions to better learning. Girls in all girl classrooms and boys in all boy classrooms are more likely to study subjects that they wouldn’t necessarily choose if the class was coeducational, in my opinion. Single sex classrooms bring a broader horizon for our students more so than coeducational classrooms. Kenneth Jost the author of Single Sex Education quotes in his book “Sex segregation and discrimination persists in high school programs around the country, 30 years after Congress passed a law barring such discrimination in education” (Jost1). Single sex education advocates say the solution is quite easy just let boys be boys and girls be girls. Leonard Sax states in his book “Boys Adrift” that “the solution is to let boys and girls attend separate classes, so that you can take advantage of the ‘sex differences’ in learning styles”(Sax,174). You breakdown stereotypes by letting the sexes be separate. When you put boys and girls together, it just increases the gender roles. The boys do things that are thought of as typical for boys, and girls do things that are thought of as typical for girls. You do not see many girls wanting to take classes such as welding class, building workshop, weight room, architect design, and sports education. There definitely would not be many boys wanting to take classes such as drama, art, home economics, sewing class, and foreign languages. So if you eliminate the gender bias and the need to impress the opposite sex, you would possibly begin to see boys' willingness to engage in what would be considered “feminine activities,” such as choir or drama club. Girls’ willingness to engage in “manly activities”, such as welding and building workshops, and pro-dominantly male sports may increase also.

Single sex classrooms expand ideas, educational opportunities, and core values for both sexes. Leonard Sax states in his book “Boys Adrift”, “A boy does not naturally become a gentleman-by whom I mean, a man who is courteous, kind, and unselfish. That behavior is not hardwired. It has to be taught” (Sax163). Most boy schools make a point of teaching boys to be gentlemen, to have self-discipline, and how to be a leader. This may be more important to learn than their actual school work. “Teenage boys without strong leadership can easily become barbarians” (Sax165). Sax was correct when he stated this, and this is exactly what is wrong with our male population today. This is why I feel so strongly about...
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