Single Parents

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Single Parents
Single-parent families have advantages and disadvantages. The effects are different in single-parent families than those of two parent families. Kids that have just one parent living with them may struggle with not being able to see the other parent all the time or at all. Parents of a single-parent family might struggle with money issues. There is a noticeable difference between having two parents that are there all the time and only one parent. Also, when the parents break up and it becomes a single- parent family, the break up leaves drastic effects on the children. Children have a difficult time because it might not affect them right away but, in time it will.

First, I am going to explain the parent’s perspective on the situation and how parents react to a single parent family. Parents usually do not take into consideration the feelings of the children that are in the situation. Parents sometimes take the children’s feeling into consideration but, most of the time not. When parents break up they break a family. Families fall apart every day because of parents wanting to be single again. The problem with parents in single parent families is that they just want to be happy. They do not take into consideration anybody’s feelings besides their own. Parents that are able to be civilized in public take their kids feelings into consideration even though they do not want to be around each other; they put up with each other because they have to for their kids. Although, there are some parents that will not take the children into careful thought, when they go out and fight in public with each other. Parents think that the children have it good, but the children get hurt in a single parent family.

Secondly, I am going to explain the kid’s perspective on things. Kids are vulnerable, they need to be cared for and thought about. If people do not think about the children’s feelings they are going to resent you for it. The children might not act...
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