Single Parenthood in Singapore

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Issues and Crisis Management

Focus on the Family Singapore

Addressing Rise of Single Parenthood in Singapore

1) Overview of the Issue

‘Focus on the Family Singapore’, is a local charity with an IPC status dedicated to help families thrive. The organization aims to support families with quality life education through talks, as single-parent hood is on a rise. It is supplemented by well research family life resources and content placement in the media reaching 1 million people in Singapore (Focus on the Family Singapore,. 2012). It is concern with matters of the family and it is a form of an activist group.

There are many reasons contributing to the rise in single parenthood here in Singapore. Single-parent families are families that have only one parent involve in a child’s life. In most cases it is resulted from parents’ separation or divorce, whereas some lose a parent through death and others have had only one parent from the beginning (Golombok, 2000). However, divorce is the most prevalent cause of single-parent families in Singapore.

According to the Government (Department of Statistics Singapore., 2010) it is evident that the numbers of divorces are increasing over the years from 6,904 in 2005 to 7,405 in 2010. Sara McLanahan and Gary Sandefur wrote that single-parenthood has a negative impact on a child’s development in their book, Growing Up with a Single Parent (1994). In addition, new studies also revealed that single-parenthood had a negative effect on the well being of adolescents, such as they were more likely to drop out from schools or presented to be more violent.

2) Overview of Key Stakeholders Impacted by Issue

According to the Government, the median age of men and women getting a divorce is at a range of 36 – 42 years old. Hence, the key stakeholders are all married couples, specifically residence of Singapore age 35 – 45, both men and women as they are more likely to have...
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